Typefaces, Motifs, Monograms and Handwriting...

Choosing the right typeface for your stationery is important as it says something about the person you are. We offer a wide range to choose from whether you are looking for something elegant and simple, classic and traditional, cool and quirky or contemporary.

A motif is often created especially for the client to ensure it is original and personal to them. However we offer many designs from our albums that are popular and expanding all the time.

Monograms are the joining of two or more letters. This can either be used for an individual’s initials or the combination of a couple’s initials. It forms a unique symbol for stationery and if used on a wedding Invitation, it can form the theme for your wedding set.

The Harmsworth Fine Stationery Calligraphy Service is very popular for those who feel they need a professional hand.